Inspirational Model- Natalia Vadianova


I get a bit teary every time I talk about the heartwarming story of Natalia Vadianova .
In case you don’t know who Natalia Vadianova is, she is a Russian born model who has achieved tremendous successes as a runway, editorial and advertising campaign model.
It all started in 1982 when Natalia was born in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. She lived with her mom, her mom’s abusive boyfriend and two half sisters in very underprivileged conditions. At the age of 11 she was already helping her mom to sell fruits on the street.
In an attempt to help her family and break free from such horrific conditions, Natalia, along with many other young girls in her town, joined a modeling academy that was just opened in her city. One day during a casting an agent from France took an interest in her. However, since she didn’t speak a word of English he gave her an ultimatum to learn as much English as she can in 3 months, as it was part of the contract she would be signing.  Being a very determined young girl Natalia didn’t waste time and did her best in that given time.  All her efforts were appreciated and she successfully signed a deal with Viva Agency. As a result, she ended up moving to Paris at the age of 17. Soon after her modeling career took off she met  Justin Trevor Berkeley Portman, a British real estate heir  and soon after they got married.  The couple has three children- Lucas, Neva, Viktor.
Starting a family didn’t stop her from continuing her modeling career.  She has done it all, from Vogue covers to big-name fashion shows.

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